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Thanksgiving in July

Thanksgiving in July!

A long time personal chef client in Barrington had a special request this week…Thanksgiving in July. He wanted the whole dog and pony show with a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. It’s was a special meal for his mom that lived in an assisted living community. 

Thanksgiving in July

With seniors being disproportionately burdened with COVID-19, many isolated either by choice to avoid getting sick or because their community requires it.  It both cases, the loneliness is beginning to take its toll.  No baseball games with grandkids, shopping trips or long ladies lunches. And I’ve read that the loneliness is leading to cognitive decline in some. It’s very sad. 

Anyway, I was happy to help my client do something special for my his mom. I should have taken more pictures!  

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