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4 Easy Tips To Help You Keep You Stick To Your Diet

Personal Chef Chicago diet tipsAs a Personal Chef, I’ve cooked for many, many Chicago area clients following many, many diets. I’ve seen clients try both simple easy to follow and complicated “no flipping way I can stick to that” diets. Although I’m not a nutritionist and can’t tell you what to eat, I can offer you easy diet tips to help you stick to whatever diet you decide to try. Here goes…

Keep It Simple

The more complicated the diet, the more likely it is to fail. If you need to measure and painstakingly prepare absolutely everything you put in your mouth, you’ll loose your patience and head to the drive through.

Plan Your Day…Or A Few Days

One of my favorite diet tips!  Know what you’ll be eating when and get it together the evening before. If you prepare 2-3 days worth of meals at a time it eliminates the stress of trying to figure out what you’ll be eating each day. Just grab and go.

Prep Portions NOW

When you get home from the grocery store, put together portion controlled bags/containers of fruits, veggies, nuts, chips (OK, not healthy, but if you’ll be eating them, do it in a portioned controlled way.), etc. right away so it’s done and you don’t have to think about it later.

Smoothly In A Bag

If you’ll be enjoying smoothies, put the ingredients for a few days worth of smoothies in zip locks or other storage container and freeze or keep it in the fridge. Buy 2 Nutra Bullets or similar smoothie makers and keep one at home and the other at the office.

Double to Avoid Trouble

Don’t just perfectly sauté one chicken breast, do 3 or 4 and freeze them in individual containers or bags. You can add different veggies or sauces per your diet specifications when you’re ready. This really goes for anything you’re cooking. If it can be easily doubled and frozen, do it. It’s always easier to tick with a diet when the meals you love are ready to go.

Got other ideas to help folks stick to their diet? Send them my way and I’ll be happy to share!u

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