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Personal Chef Johns Creek Alpharetta Roswell

Learn to Cook: Healthy Fish Recipes, Guide to Buying Healthy Seafood and More!

I just finished up a cooking demo at Kathleen’s Catch in Johns Creek.  The focus of the cooking demonstration was on healthy kinds of fish and healthy ways to cook fish.  We made three recipes:  Steelhead Trout Poached in Red Wine in the pressure cooker, Grilled Tuna with Olive Relish and Cod Filets Baked in Foil with Asparagus and Orange.    I promised the group that I’d post the recipes and also some articles I found on healthy kinds of fish and healthy ways to prepare it.  Here goes…Personal Chef Johns Creek Alpharetta Roswell

Articles Seafood Guide – This fantastic, all inclusive guide list most any kind of fish you might want to eat and includes health concerns, Omega 3 content and harvest notes.  This one’s worth saving!’s Healthy Ways to Cook Fish – Great article detailing healthy ways to prepare fish.  It also explains the why’s and how’s of each method.

I didn’t create any of these recipes, although I did tweak a bit.  With that in mind, I’m going to link into the original recipe and give a few of my thoughts on each.  As always, if you’ve got questions or suggestions about any recipe, please ask!  I love helping my readers prepare successful meals!

Steelhead Trout Poached in Red Wine – Prepared in the pressure cooker, it’s an easy recipe, but does take a bit of time to prepare.  The original recipe calls for salmon, but I’ve made it several times with steelhead trout and it works beautifully.

Grilled Tuna w/Olive Relish – Nutritionally, this one is a real winner:  low in both fat and calories.  That said, I’d double the olive relish to make sure you have enough.  It will add fat and calories, so take that into account, but this recipe is so lean that unless you’re carefully watching your intake you’re probably fine.  Also, when I cook tuna, I watch the side to check for doneness rather than the clock.  If you like your tuna rare for example, watch the edge of the fish and cook until it’s opaque about ¼ inch from each edge.

Cod Fillets in Foil w/Asparagus and Orange – You can make this in foil or parchment.  I find foil easier to use, so I avoid parchment paper for anything other than baking.  Always use fresh orange juice with this kind of recipe.  This recipe, for example, needed the juice of one orange.  Not a big deal and worth every second it took me to squeeze it.  If you’re avoiding butter, you can make this one with a bland olive oil or use slightly less than the recipe calls for.  You can also spray with bottom of the foil with non-stick spray like Pan rather than buttering it.

If you’ve got any great healthy fish recipes send em my way!  I’d love to try them!

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