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Ikea garlic press personal chef service alpharetta

Gadget Review – IKEA Garlic Press

Ikea garlic press personal chef service alpharettaI was looking for an inexpensive garlic press for me personal chef travel kit and picked up IKEA’s KONCIS garlic press on my last visit.  At $4.99 the price was right, it felt solid and it looked cool, so why not!  It’s funny how something as simple as a garlic press can make your day, but without question this one did.  Here’s why IKEA’s KONCIS garlic press is my new favorite kitchen gadget…

Requires No Muscles – I’ve used garlic presses that required all of my strength in both hands to use.  This one did not.  An easy squeeze with one hand is really all it takes to completely press the garlic, even when the chamber is completely full.  I’ll be teaching a class of active seniors in a few weeks and I’m sure a few of them have arthritis.  I’ll have them try it and report back on whether or not they were able to use it.

Easy to Clean – The chamber where you’re pressing the garlic pops out of the press for easy cleaning.  No more attempting to jam your finger or a fork handle into a hole you can’t see into only to find you didn’t get all everything out.

Didn’t Turn My Hands and the Garlic Black – I’ve owned several more expensive garlic presses that appear to have nickel in them because they turn my hands and the garlic black.  The KONCIS garlic press is made of stainless steel meaning hands stay the color they were meant to be.

Great Looks  – OK, a cool, modern looking kitchen gadget will get my attention every time.  This one surely did!

Got a kitchen gadget you love that you’d like me to try?  Send me a note and I’ll give it a whirl!

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