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Alpharetta Farmers Market Personal Chef Service

Field Trip – Alpharetta Farmers Market

Alpharetta Farmers Market Personal Chef ServiceIt was a beautiful Saturday morning and where better to spend it then the Alpharetta Farmer’s Market.  My last visit was several years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had grown from a quiet little drop in market to a bustling event with over 45 vendors.  My friend, Market Manager Carol Anderson-Wood, gave me the VIP tour.  Here are a few highlights…

  • Intelligent Vendors – These guys do more than just sell you tomatoes.  They share recipes, tips, growing info and more. The folks at Southern Growers not only sold me beautiful peppers, but also offered easy to prepare, delicious sounding recipes.  And, they let me try low acid tomatoes that not only tasted fantastic, but are a smart solution for folks that love tomatoes, but can’t stomach them.
  • Alpharetta Farmers Market Personal Chef ServiceDiverse Offerings – They had it all – fruits, veggies, herbs, beef/poultry/sausage… buffalo, cupcakes, pies, fudge, honey and its bee’s, Greek yogurt, tamales, beef jerky, interesting seasonings, hot dogs, macaroons, dog biscuits, flowers, jams, breads, tea, soap, olive oil and lots and lots of samples!
  • Easy to Navigate – The market was laid out with plenty of space to walk around without making this hot Alpharetta morning cramped and even hotter.  Although there were plenty of folks shuffling around, I could see what vendors were where and easily get bee line to whatever got my attention. 
  • Great Location with Plenty of Parking – Downtown Alpharetta is a destination in and of itself and it was nice to spend the rest of my morning browsing in the quaint shops, checking out the historic architecture and relaxing over lunch.  The market is in the heart of downtown Alpharetta and is easy to get to – exit 10 east off GA400, right on Highway 9 and you’re there.  

If you’re looking for a robust farmers market and a nice place to spend the morning, I can’t recommend the Alpharetta Farmer’s Market more.  It’s easy to get to; you’ll learn a little something and experience and enjoy North Metro Atlanta’s bounty of produce and products first hand. 

Keep an eye on my blog because I’ll be hitting the market again and posting some to do some “How to” video’s.  And, if you’ve got any farmer’s market recipes you’d like to share, send ‘em my way!  I might just post them!

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