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College kids can cook

College Kids Can Cook!

With a Little Help from Personal Chef Mom, College Kid Makes a Meal Fit for a King!

I got a nervous text from my college aged daughter. Boyfriend, whose a beyond budding gourmet chef himself, thought it would be fun if she made dinner. She’s got the basics down, but had no idea how to create a memorable, sophisticated meal worthy of his challenge. Here’s where I come in.

Daughter…”Mom, what do I do?”

Me…”Will he eat lamb?”

Daughter… “Loves it!”

And we’re off!

I suggested a simple recipe for Garlic & Rosemary Marinated Lamb Chops. Easy enough to marinate in a Ziplock and broil on a disposable foil pan, especially if she used a meat thermometer to test for doneness. For sides, sautéed spinach with a touch of lemon, boiled fingerling potatoes with a little olive oil and sea salt, a loaf of good bread, skip dessert because they don’t eat it, and they’re good to go. I sent the recipes, a grocery list since I have it automated in my Paprika app, an order of operations and three hours later I got these pictures back…

They tweaked my recipe of course!
Boyfriend helped!

College kids can cook

The moral of the story is that you don’t have to be a classically trained chef to prepare a delicious meal. Keep it simple, plan out your prep and savior the flavor of your success. And, remember, the one that cooks doesn’t have to clean up.

FYI… Here’s my “Order of Operations” text. It’s really that simple!

Personal chef northbrook meals dinner

Got questions or need help getting your special meal together?  Just ask!

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