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Ali's Cookies College Care Packages

College Care Packages

I’m all for baking, but sometimes you’re just better off to click and ship!

As a Personal Chef, I’m all about sending baked goods in my kids college care packages. That said, sometimes it’s just easier to “order out”, so to speak and just have something shipped. With that in mind, here’s a list of my favorite non-homemade college care package ideas.

Ali's CookiesAli’s Cookies – These are THE BEST! Before moving to Chicago, I was a long term Atlanta resident and used to sneak away and indulge in one of Ali’s irresistible M&M Chocolate Chip cookies. Big, sweet, moist yet crispy, just perfect!. Ali’s is actually a mail order cookie company that happens to have a store front. They’re certified Kosher and you can gluten and lactose free versions.

Fruit of the Month Club – First, its healthy. Second, it’s on autopilot so you your student gets a gift every month and you don’t have to remember to send it. My favorite is Golden State DeLite through Amazon, but Harry & David and other higher end retailers also offer them.

Hello Fresh Gift Card – For students that prepare their own meals, Hello Fresh is a great introduction to cooking. Yes, they’ll have to cook everything themselves, but it’s a fun way to try it out without much planning or thought. And again, it’s a healthy choice.

Mega Snacks – The gift of junk food…and lots of it!  Perfect for finals week college care packages!

And Some Non-Food Gift Ideas…

Stress Reducing Essential Oils – Ok, sounds girly, but the fact is college can be stressful and anything our kids can do to take the edge off is worth a try. Why not send an inexpensive USB diffuser that can be plugged into their laptop while studying and a few stress reducing, focus enhancing or “clean the lovely dorm room air” oils.

Amazon Gift Card – College kids love Amazon and with an .edu email address, they get 6 months of Amazon Student free followed by a 50% discount on Amazon Prime.  Perfect for your college care packages.

Got ideas your college kid loves? Send them my way and I’ll post them here.

PS – I’m not an affiliate of any of the companies listed.

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